Saturday, June 16, 2012

How to Prepare a Chapter?

This is clearly the biggest of all challenges. We study and study a lot on a chapter. We practice questions here and there. We are never sure that "I am fully prepared on this chapter". But this is the most important milestone in any entrance preparation journey.

So let's see what is actually required to finish up a chapter.

Step 1: Do the chapter in school
If you do the chapter in school then you have started on a good note. Pay attention in your class on the key concepts. If it is not possible to start at school then go to step 2.

Step 2: Read notes on the chapter
Prepare your own notes or get the notes on Go over the notes every time you want to start practicing questions.

Step 3: Watch a video for difficult concepts
A video might explain you a concept better. Watch a video to clear up a difficult concept before you start practicing.

Step 4: Practice Questions
Practice questions on the chapter. Do at least 15 in one go. Master one difficulty level (difficulty levels on range from 1 to 10).
If you encounter a difficult question that you cannot solve, go over the concept in your notes or watch a video.
Review the solutions in detail and understand the concepts or tricks applied.

Step 5: Read Tricks and Learn Formulae
You should also become aware of shortcuts and all the formulae on the chapter. So revise the same in an interval of one month.

Step 6: Master the Chapter
Keep practicing questions until your improvement plan on shows green on the chapter. This means you have reached the required difficulty for your exam, have practiced at least once all the questions you did wrong and your average timing per question is close to ideal.

With these steps you can be confident at step 6 with your chapter.

Happy Preparation


  1. very important & best tips . i will follow these rules in my life till i become a doctor .. tanks a lot

  2. Well,I've always wondered how to study a chapter properly.ab jawab mil gaya. Thank u. SIMPLYLEARNT simply rocks.


  4. thank u so much for these useful tips.....