Sunday, October 14, 2012

Good Enough Meter - Are You Good Enough for your Exam?

Good Enough Meter is Simplylearnt's revolutionary tool that is a great last minute buddy before the exam.


To get to GREEN on the Good Enough Meter


You do not need do everything for the exam as you always have less time. Do only that is required to be good enough for the exam. No more, and save yourself the tension.


How To?

Step 1:
Begin with generating your "Good Enough Score" -

Step 2:
Check out your scores on each chapter. All chapters are listed in the order of their importance. Your scores will fall in following colors.
Your goal will be to see a GREEN on each chapter.

Step 3:
How to get to green?
Check out the improvement tip on each chapter.  Open the Practice Lounge and solve the questions accordingly. For example,
We are saying you need to do "only 3 questions correctly". Now practice in Practice Lounge or take a timed test but make sure you do 3 questions correctly. 
Come back and check your score, your score color should have changed.

Just Repeat The Process and See Yourself Getting Good Enough!

Happy Preparation


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