Friday, January 11, 2013

Chapter Master - Bring perfection on a chapter

You may practice any number of questions on a chapter but being a “chapter master” has its own charm. Not only you solve questions on that chapter with super accuracy, you must also help out others who lag behind in the chapter.

How can you become a chapter master?

#1 Bring your Good Enough score to yellow – For a clear idea about the good enough score and the how to move from red to yellow or green, please read our article

Basically, you will be solving questions with a reasonable accuracy to get to the “yellow” level. We will give you clear instructions on exactly what you need to do next. You just follow!

#2 Participate in a discussion/question – Knowledge increases by sharing. So now when you are an expert, help others who are stuck on any question or concept. By helping someone, you will gain more confidence and build your concepts stronger.

#3 Post a doubt/discussion – If you are having any doubt or confusion on any concept or question now is the time to get it cleared by someone else.  Post your doubt or your question or just post a challenging question to test other students’ knowledge.

Your efforts in solving questions on any chapter and your contribution to the entrance exam aspirants group will make you the “chapter master”.

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