Saturday, January 12, 2013

Get the ideal timing on your exam!

For most people, the final exam and the clock are not friends. Clock always runs faster than your exam and your paper remains unfinished. But when you have prepared hard for your exam it is unfair that you run out of time on your exam day.

Therefore, it is important your average timing on any question is close to the ideal timing required for any exam in order to finish the paper on time. For example, it will be ideally 1.5 minutes for NEET-UG exam and 45 seconds on JEE Main.

We introduce the Timing Buddy (Prep Buddy’s kin), your guide in your pursuit of a perfect timing. On, Timing Buddy helps you do all you need to improve your timing.

Best time to improve timing

It is when you have completed your syllabus or at least prepared all important chapters (See how to prepare a chapter).

How to time yourself

You can use any test to time yourself to begin with. A “timing test” on is shorter than your regular full length (3 hour long) paper, includes questions from all subjects of varying difficulty levels and would give you your average timing on each question. Timing Test contains 20 questions from a single chapter at a time.

You can use a pen and paper test with a stopwatch to time yourself but doing it online gives much more accurate results along with SimplyLearnt’s expert analytics.

How to improve timing

After you know your current average timing per question, you goal would be to improve it. Here are some tips:
a. Try to learn shortcuts, simpler methods and some important results on every chapter if possible. They will come handy when solving questions.

b. Prioritize your paper by doing the questions you are most confident on first, leaving the most difficult ones in the end.

c. In case you have doubts on a question, use process of elimination to get to the solution quick.

d. If you plan to leave the question, make the decision soon because your effort or time spent on the questions you leave blank will be a waste.

Getting the ideal timing can be a challenge because not all questions require the same amount of time and thus the average time is not close to the time you spend each question. The “timing test” takes care to present the mixed bag of questions but still it is important to keep taking the test many times to really master the timing.

Timing Tests on Exams

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