Saturday, January 12, 2013

How to do revision for exams

Introducing Revision Buddy

We hereby introduce our Revision Buddy (Prep Buddy’s kin) with a goal to help you revise your syllabus from time to time.

Revision is very important otherwise you will forget what you have learnt in your course. The more the revision, the stronger the concepts in your head.

Revision Buddy suggests you one of the many great revision tools on based on how your preparation is going so far. Mark your favorites, suggest them to friends, do them again and again. Revision Buddy helps you revise as many times as you like.

Revision Tools on SL

Flash Cards
Flash cards are a set of very important concepts collected by the Revision Buddy that are always difficult to remember. One side gives you a clue and the other side gives you the answer. Flip as many times to learn the concept

Solved Examples
On every chapter, Revision Buddy has selected some solved examples. Review them before you begin practicing. Solved examples keep changing so you can review them as many times as possible.

Tips and Tricks
Shortcuts, smart tricks, important results are all collected under tips and tricks. They will help you solve some questions faster.

Notes and Formula Sheet
Notes are available on each chapter with most important concepts of a chapter collected in a document. This is handy when you want to go over the chapter quickly. Formula sheet may not be applicable to each chapter but collects all the important formulae required to solve questions on that chapter.

Revision Tests
Not your usual tests on SL. They could be simple concept tests (for example, recalling formulae), improvement tests (collection of all questions you did wrong) or basic revision tests (created by you on one or more of important chapters)

Most important aspect of SMART preparation on SL is that a revision time is definitely planned but do not limit yourself to planned revision time. Do it as often as possible.

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