Monday, January 14, 2013

Milestone #1 - At the start line

Milestone #1, At the Start Line, is the first mile of The 9 Miles. Your awesome preparation does not begin until you have an account on and you have chosen the The Guided 9-Miles Study Plan.

As the task, you will need to select the features you will need to prepare well for exams

Goal: To finish a journey it is important to start right. Make your study plan and practice your first 3 chapters

Choose the 9-Miles Program Today!

If you are not a member of, create an account today. (Register Today) It is only with a valid account that you can practice questions, get a report card on what you have done, get suggestions through Good Enough Meter to improve and master your timing for the exam.

Register today and then choose the Guided 9-Miles program for an awesome exam preparation.

Milestone 1 will require you to create a study plan. This study plan will give top 3 chapters to practice.

Finish them on time and you are ready rock the entrance preparation.