Monday, January 14, 2013

Milestone #2 - The Beginning

This milestone introduces you to your unique study plan and the Practice Lounge, a unique practicing tool, where you get questions according to your difficulty level.

Goal: You will pledge to prepare hard, study and finish 3 more chapters using notes, formulae etc. from your syllabus

Practice Lounge

A unique practicing tool which gives you questions based on the difficulty level. You need to master one level before you can move on to next level. To begin with you start with one chapter and practice 15  questions on the same. (Practice Questions on Any Chapter)

Other tasks

Just like a new year resolution, you also make a resolution to work hard for your exam. We give you time to think and make one resolution and we will frame it for you to come back and have a look at it every time you need motivation.(Make Your Resolution Today, Meet Prep Buddy)

At this level also meet Prep Buddy who is your friend and guide, who will answer all your doubts, will take care of your entire preparation. For Prep Buddy, no question is a silly question.

This milestone is not a difficult one so go for it you all.

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