Monday, January 14, 2013

Milestone #3 - Starting Up

Things get a little difficult now. Practice some more and check your evaluations as well. This level also introduces you to the Good Enough Meter and Your Report Card.

Goal:By now, the momentum has started and there is nothing to stop. Practice 5 more chapters and check out your report card regularly.

Practice 5 Chapters

For this milestone you practice 5 more chapters. The main idea is that you make progress. You will likely reach difficulty level 3 with this step.

Good Enough Meter

Good Enough Meter will be your friend for your goal to be perfect for the exam. You need to get to green on this meter for every chapter before the exam. Just have a look at your current score and suggestions to reach higher score. (See How it will be Helpful)

Report Card

Your report card gives you your average score, strengths, weaknesses and your timing on each question. Your report card updates with every test you take. (See Your Report Card)

Other tasks

You also get a chance to see our exam discussion area, which we call fireside chat. Share your views, help other students with their doubts and ask yours.

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