Monday, January 14, 2013

Milestone #4 - Gaining Momentum

Real stuff begins here.

Goal: Good going so far! But, as the slow and steady wins the race, keep making slow and steady progress by practicing more chapters. Also, start mastering few chapters one by one.

20% Syllabus Completion

You need to just do 15 questions on each chapter to cover up that chapter. Don’t worry, you will get enough practice when you try to bring these chapters to GREEN on good enough meter. By all means practice more than 15 questions if you like.

Timed Test on SL

You also need to take a time bound test, which is different from Practice Lounge, so that you learn to respect the clock also.

Relax a bit

This milestone is hard and will take you time to complete. If you are exhausted, chill out with some cute games of your childhood. :) (Check Out the Games Available on SL)

Master One Chapter

This is where you might exhaust our question bank. Getting a score of 3 on Good Enough Meter means you really know that chapter now. Plus, we have kept a task for you to ask your doubt and solve someone else’s doubts also in this level. (See How you can Master)

NOTE: Somewhere on this level you will get a block on your chapters as you will exhaust your free usage. You will need to buy a SMART subscription in order to complete this milestone. The subscription is very reasonably priced and extremely helpful for your preparation. (Check Details)


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