Monday, January 14, 2013

Milestone #5 - Halfway Through

Great work so far. Next milestone is 50% syllabus complete and ample revision of whatever has been done.

Goal: This is a milestone for covering 50% of your syllabus. It is very important that you do not accept defeat.

50% Syllabus Completion

You need to just do 15 questions on each chapter to cover up that chapter. Don’t worry, you will get enough practice when you try to bring these chapters to GREEN on good enough meter. By all means practice more than 15 questions if you like.

Revise 20% Chapters

You had practiced them before, revise them before the concepts vanish away from your mind. We have created many revision tools to make revision fun. (Check Out the Best Revision Tools)

Master One Chapter

This is where you might exhaust our question bank. Getting a score of 3 on Good Enough Meter means you really know that chapter now. Plus, we have kept a task for you to ask your doubt and solve someone else’s doubts also in this level. (See What is Mastering a Chapter)

Other Tasks

We introduce group testing here, where you and your friends take a test together to make testing more fun, enjoyable and fruitful. This feature is currently under research and will be rolled out soon.

This is definitely an important milestone for your confidence so go all out with full steam.

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