Monday, January 14, 2013

Milestone #7 - I am Sharp! Master!

You are done with your syllabus, now master it!

Goal: Become Good Enough for exam, get your chapters to GREEN on Good Enough Meter. You also will master the exam timing by the end of this mile.

50% Chapters to GREEN

Good Enough Meter steps in now so that you get enough practice on each and every chapter possible. This is a little difficult activity but there will be ample help available for achieving this task. (See How to Reach to Green)

Improve All Chapters

Take improvement tests one by one on all chapters. You will repeat all questions you did wrong or you left unattempted. (Read More About Improvement Tests)

Get To Ideal Timing

Get to Ideal Timing on all Do or Die Chapters. Do or Die chapters are the most important chapters of the syllabus. To achieve this you will take some special timing tests and after every test you will receive your average timing. (See How to Get to Ideal Timing)

Master Five Chapters

This is where you might exhaust our question bank. Getting a score of 3 on Good Enough Meter means you really know that chapter now. Plus, we have kept a task for you to ask your doubt and solve someone else’s doubts also in this level. (Read More About Chapter Master)

Full Length Test

Now that you are through with most of your syllabus, it is time to take a full length test. You will be provided with a FREE full length test to complete this task. (Read More About How to Take a Mock Test)

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