Monday, January 14, 2013

Milestone #8 - Temple of Heavenly Wisdom!

Goal: Revision will begin in this mile. You would have likely practiced enough on all important chapters at the end of this mile. Way to go!

This milestone is the penultimate stretch which provides required revision to you.

100% Chapters to GREEN

Bring all the chapters in your syllabus to GREEN on the Good Enough Meter. (How to Bring Chapters To Green)

Ideal Timing on Should Do Chapters

Get to Ideal Timing on all Should Do chapters. Should Do chapters are the second most important lot of chapters from the syllabus (most important are the Do or Die chapters). To achieve this you will take some special timing tests and after every test you will receive your average timing. (How to get to Ideal Timing)

Master Seven Chapters

This is where you might exhaust our question bank. Getting a score of 3 on Good Enough Meter means you really know that chapter now. Plus, we have kept a task for you to ask your doubt and solve someone else’s doubts also in this level. (How to Master a Chapter)

Full Length Test

Now that you are through with most of your syllabus, it is time to take a full length test. You will be provided with a FREE full length test to complete this task (How to Attempt a Full Length Test)

Revision Part I

You had practiced them before, revise them before the concepts vanish away from your mind. We have created many revision tools to make revision fun. Revise all Should Do chapters here. Learn more (How to Revise a Chapter)

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