Monday, January 14, 2013

Milestone #9 - Nirvana

If you reached here, this means that you have put in all it is required for your competitive exam preparation. This is the last leg and requires you to revise everything in your syllabus. Give it your best shot!

Goal: This is the ultimate, foolproof preparation milestone, if you honestly achieve this milestone cracking the exam is a cakewalk.

Revision Part II

You would have brought the Good Enough Meter to green for all chapters till now. Here we reset it back and you attempt to bring it to GREEN once again. This means more practice and more expertise. (Read More About Good Enough Meter)

More Improvement Tests

Repeat improvement tests on Do or Die chapters. There is no limit on how many times you can take these tests and you are definitely not limited to Do or Die chapters only. (Read More About Improvement Tests)

Master 10 Chapter

This is where you might exhaust our question bank. Getting a score of 3 on Good Enough Meter means you really know that chapter now. Plus, we have kept a task for you to ask your doubt and solve someone else’s doubts also in this level. (Read More About Chapter Master)

SimplyLearnt Test Series

This is a  series of 10 full length tests, (5 mock and 5 previous year papers). Doing the test series finally is the final nail in the coffin. You cannot go wrong once you complete this task at this milestone. (See Available Test Series on Simplylearnt)

At any stage if you feel you are not able to finish up your milestones, Prep Catalyst will step in and provide you help to cover up some of the important tasks and leave out some non important tasks.

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  1. Interesting & non-boring 9 miles program. Me kishan feeling why not i use it last year but nothing i gave my best with perfection in NEET-2017!!!
    Wait & watch it's me & Simplylearnt times' now.....
    Thank you all members & prep buddy who clearifies my all doubts in just a moment!!!